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Online Activities

The online activity allow teachers to work with any exercise type to his students, from homework to work delivery and even exams, each educational institution can choose how to work.

Teachers make activities in their own way, they have at their disposal a complete activity editor, where they can define all behavior both as activity and questions.

  • Homework: A pratical way to dog can't eat homework is have it available online, besides that Forleven analyzes information of student like time to answer, indecision in the choice of alternatve or in response formulation, among others factors anticipate their performance in future exams, so you can propose revisions and even assign to pedagogical coordination which students need more attention.

  • Works and seminars: To support teacher organize students deliveries, can be possible send files like presentation or text of work. Also can set start and end to deliveries, making clear the delivery deadline and avoiding extra time.

  • Exams: With activities is possible define time that student has to finish his activity, after begun the timer starts as if were inside classroom and the time to finish is equal to all. Besides that, if student get out of their activity browse tab, the will be classified with alert or even be nullified.

  • Online reading content

    Contents are lessons that teacher can register or refer with intent to complement their classes, linking in schedule will be available to students use in their study.