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Exams and works

The grades atribution is flexible to teacher or school format, add all exams and activities with grade who will be worked with students over school season, the teacher can use this tool according apply his activities.

With definition of activity who will be grades, formula can be typed to calculate final grade or term grade of students and that will be taken to the report card.

Online grades

With grades typed by teacher, the report cards will be available for printing or online viewing to students and guardians.

Term deadline: The deadline to teachers delivery grades can be set for teacher know the time scheduled to deliver term grades of each subject, so they are alerted by email when begins and ends.

Posting Grades: Through configuration, you can enable the posting of grades, that means the grandes doesnt showed to students and guardians until be posted.

All reports are ready: Just typing grades can be printed all reports which use this information, such as school report, students follow-up, grades graph, and many others will be ready waiting to be printed.

Class Council

The Class Council summarize all informations about a student in one place to make teachers meeting more easy. You can still make changes on grades and number of absences on demand during the meeting.