bank slip digital wallet

Manage tuition, charges and payments

Get quick and secure way to all charges and payments information to each student, keeping a financial history clean and clear to be searchable when needed.

Due date and discount in business day: With this option turned on the invoices due date will be automatically calculate to correspond with business days selected.

Join invoices: Join invoices of the same month making only one charge by student, making easy the payment and saving up bank taxes.

Discounts: To encourage students or guardians to be current with their debts, you can configure how many discounts needs per payment.

Also can be possible apply global discounts, so if isnt define a individual discount to student, the global discount will be used.

Automatic calculation of interest: Once configured the calculation of interest, all charges delayed gets the interest value automatically. Still can configured a fine for delay and surely if necessary can be free .

Can be set recess days to not charge interest on these days.

Issue a bank invoice

Each charge created to student can be linked to a bank billet, so there is no need to receive payment exclusively inside of school and dismiss a need to work with cash, geting more security to all who work and study.

Multiple bank accounts: In case to work with more than one bank, is possible split students charges in multiple bank accounts, in that way manages different remittances and bank return to each account.

Dairy cash flow

To educational institutions who receives in cash through register, is important always keep an eye on how money is being moved during the day, so three important questions arise. Whos pay ? How much ? Who receives ?
In view of that importance, all paymend done manyally, that is, without a bank billet, will be listed on cash flow (bank payments can be view on Billets or Finance menu).

Other items alse are listed on cash flow register like outgoing cash, that coffee to enhance the customer service, the money you had withdraw from a cashir to pay some bills, if these outgoing items are from cash register money they may be counted there.

Also is listed on cash flow the withdrar of money to storage in another places, so this values no more counted on cash flow, only on instituion finance. In the end of day is possible print the cash flow sheet to archiving.