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Your classroom on your way

Organize your classrooms as you need, define name, course, stage by the way you work on your educational institution. Customize the list order of students on classroom, subjects that will have class, time and class schedule.

Online attendance

Get all students frequency online, easy to check if there required, without need search on the folders and files.
br> The attendance also will have their correctly days to be filled, because that are grounded on timetable defined for classroom.

At the end, teacher doesnt need manually count absences, just export and Forlevne do that.

Schedule and planning class

No more "teacher doesnt tell that". The class schedule registered by teacher will be avalaible to all students and guardians see and know when happen contents and activities, also is possible to students makes their online activities when teacher release.

With the same schedule, the administration and pedagogical coordination will get easy access to what has been worked on classroom to each subject.